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Membership Benefits

SCPHCA is now offering printing services to members! 

Cost:  Instead of outsourcing your printing to another business, the SCPHCA saves its members on the margin costs.

Reduced waste: Our on-demand printing services are more efficient. There's no need to print more than you require just so that you will receive a better deal with a volume price. SCPHCA printing allows small and large print volumes, which reduces potential waste.

Flexibility: Low volumes of printed products can easily be personalized or tailored. For example, different versions of the same post card or flyers could be produced for attending an event in different locations, with each one personalized with the venue or town.

Convenience: Orders are emailed in for processing.  SCPHCA will then contact customers to discuss their order.  The agreed upon order will be processed and shipped with a payment invoice enclosed in the package.  

Take advantage of this benefit today!

 Contact : Barry Brannum, [email protected]  or (803) 788-2778


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