Our History

May 3, 1979: Intitial meeting of the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association (SCPHCA) was held as two board members and three at-large members were elected. In addition, the board adopted by-laws.

August 3, 1979: SCPHCA  was incorporated.

1980: Three consumer representatives and one provider were elected to the board. Committees were formed and goals were set for 1980-1988. 

1982: The SCPHCA applies to NACHC for charter membership. 

1985-1986: Executive Director Edward Thomas Lucas, Jr. and staff were hired by SCPHCA.  An office was established at State Park, SC in a space donated by SCDHEC. The SCPHCA 's grant application for Year 1 was approved for $120,000. The SCPHCA signed a cooperative agreement with SCDHEC.

1987: $200,000 in State appropriations for development of CHCs was included in the SCDHEC  budget for FY 1988. Lathran J.Woodard was hired as associate director.

1988: SC CHC Director Roland Gardner is installed as president of NACHC.

1989: SC General Assembly approved a $500,000 appropriation for recruitment and retention of physicians to practice in rural areas of the state.

1991: SC General Assembly appropriated $739,946 for physicians to practice in rural areas.  More than 20 CHC clinicians benefited from the program.  Lathran J. Woodard was named the executive director of SCPHCA.   

1994-1995: The SCPHCA's budget increased by 140 percent over the previous year's funding.  SCPHCA received a grant from the National Health Service Corps to implement the SEARCH program.  

1998: SC CHC Director Carolyn Emanuel-McClain is installed as president of NACHC.

2004: SCPHCA became the grantee for the SC State Migrant Program and enters a partnership with the Small Business Chamber.  


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