2018 SEA Retreat

In early December, more than 200 South Carolina staff assembled in Hilton Head for the annual SEA Retreat. This year's theme was "Improving Value to Your Health Center". From the opening pre-conference session for billing employees to the inspirational closing address from SCPHCA CEO Lathran J. Woodard, attendees left this vacation destination with new skills and knowledge to help their centers.

Previously, this event was known as the Front Office/Revenue Cycle/Outreach & Advocacy Retreat. Last year, we convened a contest to rename this tongue-twisting event. Belinda Renwick of ReGenesis Health Care came up with the winning submission. Here's what the "SEA" in SEA Retreat stands for:

S- Service E- Extend and Engage A - Advocacy

Naturally, all of the above are essential to operating a successful health center. In addition, health center employees must make continuous investments into professional development. The SEA Retreat provided great opportunities for those employees in front office, billing, revenue cycle, marketing, outreach, and advocacy fields to enhance their skill sets.

However, the SEA Retreat was far from being all business and no fun. On Friday, Dec. 7, we held a welcome reception where everyone enjoyed music, fellowship and delicious seafood. A very brave folks even took to the dance floor!

The festivities concluded with a closing general session and awards ceremony. Ms. Woodard imparted her considerable wisdom to a captivated crowd, often drawing applause. Here's the award winners from this year's SEA Retreat:

Santina Mayo of Health Care Partners of SC (Awards of Excellence); Diane Davis of HopeHealth (Outreach Worker of the Year); Issac Altamirano of Eau Claire Cooperative (Migrant Health Employee of the Year); Janee Frazier of Beaufort Jasper Hampton (Front Office Employee of the Year); and Anne Lee Sweatt of HopeHealth (Billing & Collections Employee of the Year). Also, the smooth movers at Low Country Health Care System were announced the winners of our first ever dance video contest.

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