Clinical Networks

The Clinical Network is composed of clinical staff persons of the Association members. It is the goal of this committee to:

  •  Foster the development, growth and retention of clinical staff to increase effectiveness and efficiency of primary care services to the residents of South Carolina.
  • Promote the delivery of cost effective, comprehensive, quality care to all clients served and assure viability of the centers that serve them.
  • Provide Clinical Staff opportunity to exchange information and communicate with other clinical staff within state.
  • Provide clinical direction to the SCPHCA to promote the health and welfare of our patient population.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of pertinent issues or concerns affecting the centers collectively and/or individually.

Along with its quarterly meetings, SCPHCA hosts an Annual Clinical Retreat. This conference serves as a conduit for any clinical staff person employed at the community health centers to receive training, information and updates on almost every aspect of clinical care available at the health centers. It also serves as an opportunity for networking with others who serve the same population and those working in similar setting.


There are several content specific networks that fall under the Clinical Network:

  • Pharmacy Directors Network
  • CHC Ryan White Part C Committee
  • Medical Directors Network
  • Behavioral Health Network
  • Oral Health Network

These networks meet quarterly.


For more information about the SCPHCA Clinical Network, contact Crystal Evans [email protected]

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